About Us

The Gippslander Newspaper has one of the largest distribution networks today compared to any other Gippsland newspaper. The Gippslander focuses on events specific to local towns and uplifting stories in the Gippsland region and is currently distributed to over 66 towns throughout the 6 Gippsland Shires and is still growing.

The Gippslander Newspaper is based in Traralgon and will continue to produce and distribute the publication locally while retaining excellent advertising rates to provide the best possible value for our clients. First established in 2012, The Gippslander newspaper is currently estimated to reach over 90,000 readers because of our unique distribution style. We deliver our newspaper far and wide across the Gippsland region covering almost the entire region. Our paper is a vibrant, local and optimistic outlook on the current events of Gippsland which you can find monthly at over 550 locations. Some of these locations include Woolworths, Coles, Foodworks, IGA, McDonalds, Subway, Hungry Jacks and most Licensed clubs and bakeries/cafes.

We also print and create your advertisement in full colour at no additional cost which is put together by our professional Graphic Designer in Traralgon. We do not charge for the creation of your advertisement or any future edits.

For all advertising and editorial enquiries please contact 03 5176 5193 during office hours, or email us at