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Climate change skeptics on Victoria’s endangered list


Individuals, businesses and other organisations across the Gippsland region have thrown their support behind TAKE2 – a new Victorian Government initiative to fight climate change. Organisations like Gippsland Solar, Gippsland Business, Gippsland Natural Meats and Federation University; community houses in Leongatha, Foster, and Morwell; and environment groups like Renewable Newstead, the Gippsland Climate Change Network and the South Gippsland Conservation Society have committed to this free pledge program. Bass Coast Shire and Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) are also TAKE2 members and are currently working to reduce their impact on the climate. Recent research, commissioned by Sustainability Victoria (SV) has found nine out of 10 Victorians agree climate change is happening and humans are the cause. It’s also found that four out of five of us think everyone has a personal responsibility to take action to reduce global warming. The Victorian Government is committed to cutting the state’s climate change pollution levels to net zero emissions by 2050. It’s recently become the first state government in Australia to enshrine that target in law. To achieve that goal, the government has designed the Climate Change Framework, which includes a 40% renewable energy target by 2025 and TAKE2, Australia’s only government-led climate change pledge initiative. Delivered by SV, TAKE2 is a free program which supports individuals and organisations to play their part in the fight against climate change. It provides ideas, inspiration and guidance on how to help keep the temperature rise under two degrees. Individuals who sign up by making the TAKE2 pledge receive a free, personalised plan, tailored to their goals and based on their choices. TAKE2 members use that plan to start reducing their climate change pollution and really making a difference. Businesses, schools, childcare centres, community groups and organisations as well as local governments can also join TAKE2, and receive free, sector- specific advice on greener operations. Their climate change efforts are also promoted so they get the recognition they deserve. Together, we can make a difference. But we must act now. Make the TAKE2 pledge today and play your part in the fight against climate change.