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East Gippsland’s Most Unique Attraction


There is a new attraction to Lakes Entrance that is capturing the likes of visitors and locals. Lakes Entrance Camel Rides (Australian Camels) have received a warm welcome from local business’ and visitors a like.

Australian Camels are based in Nicholson, only 25km from Lakes Entrance. Born and bred Tara Lea has travelled and lived in almost every state of Australia, but she seems to always find herself back at ‘home’, this time with her husband Russell Osborne and his original camels of 10 years ago. Tara and Russell met in the outback of South Australia, Tara was a horse trainer and soon saw how incredible and versatile the camel is and fell in love with these magnificent creatures.

After a few years all roads were leading to basing their business in East Gippsland. ‘It’s such a jewel in the crown’ says Tara who has fond memories of the area since childhood. Starting with 8 camels they now have a herd of 20 and growing with baby camel calfs on the way. Five of the 20 camels operate on Eastern Beach in Lakes Entrance offering 40 minute camel experience along the stunning 90 Mile Beach. ‘It’s been a big draw card for visitors – and locals’ says Russell ‘people come and visit Lakes Entrance knowing there are camel tours being offered, its good for the whole community’. Alongside camels, Tara and Russell are passionate about East Gippsland tourism.

They see a massive potential for the area and they would like to see it more noticed. ‘Now, people don’t have to travel that far to get their camel experience on the beach and visit a beautiful location’ says Tara. ‘We’re starting to dub Lakes Entrance as the Broome of the South’ announced Russell. Lakes Entrance Camel Rides operate annually from November to April on weekends, expect school holidays when tours are offered five days a week.

For further information visit www.lakesentrancecamelrides.com.au