Featured Towns of Gippsland

Foster – Gippsland’s gateway to Wilson’s Promontory


Situated approximately 30 minutes from Wilsons Promontory National Park and around 174 kilometres south of Melbourne CBD is the tidy township of Foster in South Gippsland.

The township was officially established as Foster in 1879, however had been previously known as Stockyard Creek until this time. As a remnant of days long past, the stream running through the town is still known as Stockyard Creek to this day. Drovers travelling from Port Albert to Western Port would originally use the area as a resting place but the discovery of gold in the 1880’s along the creek changed things somewhat, bringing more visitors to the area and kick-starting local commerce. When the gold rush had died down during the 1930’s, the township moved on to quartz mining, eventually settling into a role as a centre for the area’s dairy industry.

Foster now has a thriving tourist industry, being the gateway between Melbourne and Wilson’s Promontory. In fact, the local population more than doubles over the summer months each year and with some of the local attractions to see, it’s no wonder why. Nearby is Victoria’s highest waterfall, Agnes Falls, some amazing beaches and lookouts at Sandy Point and Waratah Bay, The Great Southern Rail Trail, the rainforests, parks and beautiful gardens. A short drive will see you at Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade and all of the sights and sounds the island has to offer. If adventure sports are your thing you will find surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling, diving and fishing spots nearby along with traditional sporting clubs for golf, football, tennis and more.

The Foster community also has a thriving arts scene and sense of culture with local galleries, live music venues and community theatre performances. Award winning wines, beers, cheeses, beef and seafood can all be sourced locally, making for some fantastic eateries, fresh markets and cafe’s in town. The good folks at the visitor’s information centre and library are extremely helpful if you are ever searching for local events or activities.

If you’re travelling in the area or looking for a new place to find some peace, wildlife or adventure, Foster might just be the place for you. The township is completely void of large American chain stores and instead “fosters” a sense of local small business and community spirit, something great to see in this day and age and something we here at The Gippslander support wholeheartedly. Gippslanders supporting Gippslanders is something we can all get behind.  You may notice some major upgrades and works taking place in the main centre of town at the moment but rest assured Foster is still open for business and thriving! The works underway are to improve safety, water collection and drainage and will make the ever-improving Foster all the more comfortable to visit. Come and experience all that Foster and surrounds has to offer!