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Licola Wilderness Village


Licola Wilderness Village (a Lions Club project) has been around for more than 40 years aimed at helping the disadvantaged, disabled and disengaged. Around 50,000 disadvantaged children have experienced the camp over the years many returning as adults, even decades later, to revisit Licola, a place that gave them some sanctuary – a place that offered positive supportive adults who volunteer their week to the benefit of these kids. CEO, Adam Wake says, “When we have disabled visitors on site we have never been able to safely give them access to the Macalister River that runs the length of the property. In early 2017, when a new river access platform is completed with steps, hoist, and ramp, we will”.

Open 365 days for all groups (small and large) the camp survives by supporting the charity through paying visitors. They have strived for many years to be the best they can by offering a unique and rewarding experience to all who drive across the cattle grid.

16 weather board cabins built in the 1940’s survived a fire in the mid 1960’s and are still used to this day for accommodation. The Camp also offers self-catering or catering packages as well as a huge array of activities, should a visiting family or special event group want. Also coming in the next few months is a completely renewed outdoor swimming pool area and a new climbing tower. If you would like to volunteer at one of the camps for disadvantaged children or even bring a group to stay one or more nights on site, you can check them out at www.licola.org.au