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Metung – Beaches Boating and Natural Beauty


Approximately 314 kilometres from Melbourne CBD and nestled neatly between the larger towns of Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance is the beautiful small town of Metung. One of Gippsland’s best kept tourist secrets, it is a popular destination but off the main roads and void of a lot of the summer traffic that nearby areas receive during peak tourist season.

As is often the case in rural areas, the township is roughly considered to have officially started when the post office opened in approximately June 1879. The original inhabitants of the region were the Aboriginal GunaiKurnai people, whom had a myth regarding the creation of Legend Rock, originally part of a trio of large rocks along the boardwalk at Metung Marina, Bancroft Bay. Sadly, two of the rocks were destroyed by accident during roadworks, however Legend Rock remains and is now protected. The story goes that some fisherman had once had a good catch and set up camp here however they were too selfish and did not share the meal with their hungry dogs. As punishment for their greed, the women, who were in charge of social order at the time, were said to have turned the men into stone, thus creating the rock formations.

Absolutely beautiful scenery surrounds the area. Driving into Metung for the first time genuinely feels like you are discovering a hidden paradise. The gorgeous waterways and some visually spectacular accommodation options are breathtaking as you enter the main village and it leaves an impression.

If you do find yourself discovering Metung there is a plethora of activities and interesting things to do. Beautiful beaches allow for swimming and sightseeing, chartered boat trips and fishing tours are available and for sports there is King Cove Golf Course, Metung Bowls Club, Metung Tennis Club and the Metung Yacht Club. There are several small galleries and local artisans, even a fine chocolate maker for those with a sweet tooth. If a little bargain hunting tickles your fancy then it’s hard not to suggest attending the Metung Farmer’s Market. Held on the second Saturday of each month, rain hail or shine, the market offers an amazing range of local produce and creations and supports the local businesses.

A short drive from Metung will also bring you into Lakes Entrance and all it has to offer. If you find yourself with a free Sunday for a nice drive, are looking for a great family holiday destination or are just looking for that perfect romantic weekend getaway, Metung is a highly-recommended destination by all of us here at The Gippslander, you really won’t be disappointed.