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Rosedale Welcomes New High Tech Medical-Dental Clinic


The small central Gippsland town of Rosedale now has its very own high-tech medical and dental service open and operational.

The Rosedale Family Medical Centre and the Rosedale Family Dental clinics operate out of the same facility on the Princes Highway in Rosedale. The new centre is the brainchild of two local women, Rachel and Elaine Ripper. Rachel, a graduate of the University of Western Australia, is a dental technician specialising in children’s dentistry; her mother, Elaine, is the practice manager.

Noticeable is the installation of high-tech equipment to run the practice.  A large capacity web server with an Intel Xeon processor and running two SSD 3 TB drives is central to the centre’s operation. High tech oral imaging technology allows for the instant creation of digital images which can be shown to patients, or sent on to specialists anywhere in Australia. The server hosts the medical and dental management practices’ software, stores all patient histories and handles the new on-line appointment booking system.

The medical-dental facility is connected to the NBN and the high-speed connection allows the centre’s doctors and dentists to collaborate with specialists anywhere in the world.

The centre also boasts an Australian first with the indoor installation of a specially designed Compressor and Suction cabinet which handles medical and dental waste. It is soundproofed, with temperature and humidity levels controlled electronically.

Ms. Rachel Ripper said that such an installation has never been done in Australia before.

“It was designed and built by Mr. Dale Brown of FABRO, a local fabrication company that will soon be establishing itself in Rosedale, which is exciting”, said Ms. Ripper.

Western Australian GP Dr Petra Konowalous has joined the practice. Dr. Konowalous has relatives in Gippsland and after 26 years of medical practice in Perth, she decided to move to Gippsland permanently.

Stratford resident and Nurse, Sara Settle, has been able to forego her weekly commute to Melbourne for work and to start at the new Rosedale centre as nurse/receptionist.

Ms. Settle described being able to find local work as a ‘huge relief’ and described the new clinic as “a fantastic opportunity for the Rosedale community”.

The new centre can also enlist the services of specialists in physiotherapy, mental and community health and even the skills of a faciomaxillary specialist.

There are four medical consulting rooms and two for dentistry. The entire building has ducted heating and cooling.

Ms. Ripper emphasised that the practice caters for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. The scheme allows eligible children between the ages of 2 – 17 access to $1000 of dental work over a two year period. The service is bulk billed and there is a no-wait period for eligible children

“Government emergency vouchers issued by hospitals are redeemable at this practice”, she said.

The new practice has a web site up and running. People can use it to make medical or dental appointments. It is available at www.RosedaleMedical.com.au