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Trafalgar Holden Museum


From humble beginnings as a saddlery in Adelaide, the Holden name quickly became synonymous with engineering innovation, industrial pride and Australian ingenuity. The newly created Trafalgar Holden Museum opened on the 18th October in 2014 and helps tell that remarkable Australian story. See 38 vehicles on display and memorabilia from Holden’s distant past, motor vehicles bodied by craftsmen and later designed right here in Australia.

Housed in a restored dairy factory built in the 1920’s the museum is run by volunteers eager to preserve our national heritage. Peter and Anne McCabe and many more volunteers have spent over 18 months to restore this old factory to its former condition. There is the EJ Cafe, memorabilia, gift shop and a theatre to watch the Holden History.

The Trafalgar Holden Museum won the tourism award in 2016 with the judges claiming it as “A unique regional asset, whose small town location and many local exhibits epitomises the very Aussie icon showcased”. The Manager and owner, Neil Joiner has invested over $100,000 in restoration work on the old dairy factory. All the labour was supported by volunteers. Work included cleaning, repainting, concreting, and restoring vehicles for display.

These volunteers include: Terry Stephens, Justin, Darren & Bree McCabe, Ken Mills, George Tags, Ian Selby, Peter Tuck, Diane Watson, Peter O’Connor, Darren Lawrence, Craig & Vickey Duncan, Leno Mininchello, Karen & Dennis Jones, Mick & Gleny Brennan, Richard & Bev Sharman, Neil Titford, Michael Watt, Paul Misuraca, Greg Curtain, Reid Kennedy, Anthony Schembri and Andrew Joiner.

About 12,000 people have visited the Museum, since it opened and volunteers are wanted to support the Museum. Also any donations made to the Trafalgar Museum (Not for Profit Organisation) will be really appreciated. Neil Joiner (manager) has always been interested in Holdens from a young age, and his favourite Holden is a 1965 HD Premier with leather seats. Neil’s background is in the aircraft industry, where he learnt his trade at the Government Aircraft Factories in NDT (Non Destructive Testing).

Neil started an inspection and testing business in 1985 with his wife Annette who was the backstop of the business which was sold several years ago. After selling the business Neil had some money to purchase some classic and vintage vehicles which form the backbone of the displays in its current form.

Annette has been a major contributor to getting this new venture (Museum) off the ground.

PH: 03 5633 2462 Address: 74 Waterloo Road Trafalgar, Victoria.

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