Job Opportunities at Metcash in Gippsland

About Us

Metcash, a leading wholesale distribution and marketing company, is deeply embedded in Gippsland's local economy, supporting independent retailers and fostering growth across the region. Through its various brands such as IGA and Mitre 10, Metcash provides essential products and services to communities throughout Gippsland. Job seekers in the region have the opportunity to join Metcash and contribute to the success of these local stores, which play a vital role in the everyday lives of residents.

Joining Metcash means becoming part of a company that operates a diverse portfolio of stores catering to the needs of Gippsland residents. Whether it's supplying groceries, fresh produce, hardware, or liquor, Metcash's brands are pillars of the local community, providing essential goods and services. By joining Metcash, individuals have the chance to work for a company that is committed to supporting local businesses and empowering communities. If you're passionate about making a difference in Gippsland and want to be part of a team dedicated to serving the region, explore the exciting career opportunities available with Metcash today.